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Already Retired?

Retirement is not a destination, it’s a journey that begins early in your life.  We’ve met with lots of investors of all ages and the single biggest difference we see between those who are successful with their money and those who aren’t is the successful people have a plan, a plan that not only works for them…but one that they’re comfortable with.  That’s why we believe a strong financial plan is the single most important tool for building a happy future.


Our goal is to help you build a plan, not to sell a product or collect a fee.  We truly believe it’s the right thing to do for you.  We’ve created lots of plans, so we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and here’s what we’ve discovered people(our clients) really want out of their plan.


What it should be:

  • Administered by an unbiased, fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor who has a legal obligation to look out for your best interest

  • A thorough and objective test of your current situation, which aims to make as few changes as possible.

  • An educational process that shows you how to manage your own money


What it should not be:

  • A sales pitch in disguise

  • An attempt to replace what already exists with higher cost products just to generate commissions and fees

  • Too complex to understand



To provide our clients with what they really want (and need), we use a simple, yet powerful process called Results in Advance Planning.  It’s a system that gives you a holistic view of your situation and how you may be able to improve upon it.  Some things may already be working well for you.  Our process carefully studies what’s in place and may only suggest one or two adjustments, or none at all.  The goal is to give you a genuinely objective and thorough outlook on your financial situation.


First, we look at your current situation, what you really like about it, what you don’t like and what you are trying to accomplish.  Then we test that to see if you keep doing what you’re doing right now what is the percent chance that you accomplish your goals.  Maybe you don’t need to change anything, or maybe 2 or 3 small adjustments will make a huge difference in reaching your goals. 

Then we look at a smart, low-cost way you can manage your investments yourself without paying an advisor fees or commissions.  What is the percent chance that a plan like that will accomplish your goals and is that something that works for you? 


And, we can test any other ideas you have or ideas that maybe someone else suggested but you didn’t do it because either you didn’t know how it would work out…or maybe it just sounded like a sales pitch.  We can even test one or two ideas that I think might work.  Then you can choose the plan that you are most comfortable with.  After all, it is your money and your future.


You see there may be lots of plans or strategies that will work for you, but if you have one that you’re not comfortable with then what are the chances you will stick with it??   And if you don’t stick with it, then what are the chances it will work??  If you have a plan that works and you’re comfortable with it...well you get the picture.

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